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Salt Body’s Sugar Scrub is a super smoothing body buffer! Scented with all natural oils and essential oils your skin is going to love. Great for extremely dry skin, this scrumptious sugar scrub works like a charm! All ingredients are carefully picked out for your best results. Treat your body today with a sweet treat!




How to use: Spread a thin layer of your scrub over the area to be exfoliated/scrubbed. Rub as vigorously as you choose. Rinse any remaining scrub from your body. Pat the exfoliated/scrubbed area dry with a soft rag/towel. Then moisturize area with your choice of moisturizer.



Ingredients: Organic Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter and your choice of scent.

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Charcoal Sugar Scrub, Chocolate Fudge Sugar, Lavender Sugar, Lemon Sugar, Strawberry Cream Sugar, Sugar Roses


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